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I Traveled This Land (4)

Created on: 24 Jun 2022
When I was a kid in grade school my teachers taught me about America. Of course, they taught me about the Revolution, the Civil War, WWI and WW II, the Constitution, the Civil Rights Movement, the bodies of government and how they functioned as well as a variety of other historical topics. They also taught me about America’s people. They taught me about the great American industries and the variety of cultural expressions that exist within the country both ethnically and artistically.
Later in life, I went to work for the US Army and I was director of an arts and crafts center. This job afforded me the opportunity to be exposed to soldiers from all over the country. I was fascinated by what I saw.
It was then and there that I resolved to visit all of the 50 states as well as Washington, DC. Off I went on my glorious journey of exploration. I accomplished my goal a number of years ago. Of course, because I am a professionally trained visual artist, my sensual reactions to what I was seeing were exploding. They overwhelmed me. I did what all artists do. I reacted by creating art about this experience.
  • 50 State plus Washington, DC
  • East Coast Detail
  • Western States
  • The Midwest

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