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   The San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild

The San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild

Documents and Pictures

at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts, Poway, California

February 1- February 28, 2017



2nd Place Award of Excellence Winner:  Ellen Dieter

 Airport Blues, oil painting

About Ellen - http://ellendieterartist.blogspot.com

When I was a little girl, about five years old, my maternal grandmother started taking me to the art museum (Cleveland Museum of Art) to see the "pretty pictures" and have lunch. I knew from then that I wanted to be an artist.  

When I paint, I am always trying to throw caution to the wind, letting it out, expressing from the inside, deliberate, yet free... arbitrary, yet intentional. 

Moving paint around, mixing colors, trying new ideas thrills me and I can’t not paint. 

My work is about the process. The image often comes secondary to the actual art making. I tend to work a lot in the non-objective, abstract world of shape and color, line and form, painting intuitively, one brush stroke leading to the next.  I find that there is a poetic spirituality in the process. Figures can appear.  I don’t limit myself to pure non-objective. Lines cross the canvas, words pop up out of nowhere. What happens next can be surprising, or maybe not so much!  There is a definite chaos through which each work evolves, what’s left behind may be visible or not, but I always know it’s there. Creating, destructing, recreating…. Figuring it out, as in life, it’s the why of it all for me.  

Below is a listing of some of the important exhibitions Ellen was juried into:

Oceanside Museum of Art Artist Alliance at the Museum - 2017

SDAI International Juried Exhibit - 2015

Oceanside Museum of Art, San Diego Dreaming  - 2015

SDAI Southern California/Baja Norte Bi-Annual Exhibit - 2014 and 2010

35th Annual Japanese Chamber of Commerce Commitment to Excellence Exhibit 2013

Cannon Art Gallery Juried Biennial

Juror of Award Winners:  Mark-Elliott Lugo

Mark is a member of the Artists Guild board of directors.  He is a former art critic for the Union-Tribune Publishing Company, San Diego and San Diego Magazine, San Diego.  Before his retirement, he was the Curator and Visual Arts Program Coordinator for the San Diego Library for many years.  In 2015, he was also the curator for the Artists Guild’s Centennial Exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Art:  100 Artists, 100 Years: The San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild, 1915-2015.

Juror’s Notes:

Excellent design and composition; unusual palette and imagery; well-done technically. The dark, vaguely sinister imagery, added an edge.

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