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Katerina Husar Lazarova

Acrylic painting and ink drawing



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Husar Lazarova
Acrylic painting and ink drawing
Artists Statement
My interest in creating art is rooted in my relentless search for answers within myself. Such answers are hidden behind the upper layer of everyday life experiences, and my paintings are mainly based on personal narratives. This search for reasons why things happen to me, and how my thought structures are reflected in these situations, shapes my work. Often repeated themes are female experience of perception of the world and the influence of expectation on woman from her surroundings.
In my paintings, I combine acrylic as a quick-drying medium that allows me to quickly and spontaneously create many thin-colored layers on the background. Then, thanks to splashing of water drops onto the individual layers, the colors blend and form a mass similar to clouds of floating tinge of hues. In the next step, I calm down and focus on the final subject using ink pen drawings for fine details. Earlier inspirations for objects captured by ink were animals as symbols for patterns of behavior, and figures as the embodiment of the inner secret sensitive, idealistic female site.
During the pandemic, I spent most of my time at home. My connection to the outside world became only occasional. This solitude created a stronger bond with my inner world. My daily experience was mostly limited to the images inside my head. When I finally rejoined the outside world and engaged with social life, these images were suppressed and slowly vanished.
This internal link became so important that the reconnection with the outside world and the endeavor to escape from solitude soon turned into an effort to experience this internal liaison again. Whenever I had the opportunity, I sat down with my sketchbook. I allowed my hands to walk freely on the paper, hoping that, in this way, I would be able to reunite with my inner self. Pictures began to emerge from these gestural drawings inspired by a surrealistic technique called automatic drawing.
These automatic drawings became the basis for the newest series of paintings. In this spontaneous process of art-making, conscious control is suppressed, and the images are becoming letters from my unconscious mind that I can read when finished. These letters don't have clear messages, but they have a secret that forces me to return to the completed paintings and read them repeatedly.
An essential part of my work are colors. This interest stems from the study of art therapy with its examination of colors as the essence of mood and perception of the physical world.
Katerina was born in 1981 in Brno, a beautiful medium-sized city in the Czech Republic.
She studied graphic design there, and then she worked for several years in a graphic studio. During her employment at the graphic studio, she completed an evening school of art led by Mr. Fridrich at Masaryk University. There she obtained essential figural and portrait drawing skills and learned the fundamentals of painting. She attended additional private lessons in oil painting and other courses as well.
She opened her own atelier in 2015, where, with great success, she taught techniques of drawing and painting.
Her first individual exhibition was in 2015 in Astoria Café, located in the AZ Tower, which is the tallest building in the Czech Republic. Since then, she has had a couple of additional individual and group shows.
In 2016 she successfully completed a 2-year study program Expressive Therapy with a specialization in Art Therapy at the Faculty of Education of the Masaryk University.
In 2018 she moved to San Diego, where she started to attend Mesa College, and in 2021 she completed her studies with an Associate of Arts degree.

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