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Steve Harlow

Oil Painting and Photo-montage



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San Diego
Oil Painting and Photo-montage
Artists Statement
At this point, I am a Legacy Artist doing late work.
Overall, my oil paintings and digitally created photo-montages are based on what I see in daily life. I celebrate the visible spectrum of our perceptions and what can be communicated about the character and nature of our living earth through the language of art.

My Art teachers were mid-twentieth century Abstract Expressionists, I learned from them how to build connection with the work.

After college, I primarily painted abstracts, while maintaining regular life drawing practice. In mid-life, I incorporated photography into my paintings.
When I was younger, I depended on available employment to fund my art production. My full and part-time commercial employment included roles as Gallery Director, Development Director for a NPR Public Radio Station, Lead Designer for a retail ecommerce website, Sous Chef, Movie Projectionist, and Janitor.

I learned from all those jobs while performing most important roles of Father, Husband, and Son.

1944 - Born in Inglewood, CA
1962 - Graduated from Earl Warren High School, Downey, CA
1962 - Life Drawing Chouinard Art Institute, Los Angeles
1962 - 1964 Active duty in Pacific Fleet, USNR
1967 - AA degree, Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA
1970 - BA Art Studio degree, Sonoma State University, Sonoma County, CA
1976 - 1980 Co-founder/Director Lincoln Gallery, Lincoln Art Center, Santa Rosa, CA
1997 - 2010 Lead Designer for JR.com, NYC
1999 - 2005 Co-founder/Curator Fountain Gallery, NYC

Recent Exhibitions:
2022 - SDMAAG Holiday Online Exhibition
2022 - SDMAAG Fall Membership Exhibition Gallery 21, San Diego, CA
2022 - Pop Smoke: A Veteran Art Exhibition, Oceanside Museum of Art
2022 - Art Auction 2022 Exhibition, Oceanside Museum of Art
2022 - Spring Exhibition SDMAAG
2021 - If You Could See Through That Wall, collaboration with Ruth Parson, Mike Hess, Ocean Beach, San Diego
2021 - Neighborhood Friendly, Visual Gallery, North Park, San Diego
2021 - Transitions SDMAAG (2nd Place Award of Excellence) Poway Center for the Performing Arts, Poway, CA
2021 - Summer Showcase Sparks Gallery, San Diego
2021 - Sowing Seeds of Universal Language, Mesa College Art Gallery, San Diego
2021 - Angst Lately (solo), Fresh Paint Gallery, La Jolla
2020 - Drive-Thru Art Exhibition, Mesa College, San Diego
2020 - The Guild at the Lyceum, SDMAAG
2019 - Cali/NYC (solo), The Frame Maker, San Diego

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