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Christopher Conroe

Painting and Drawing, Acrylic and Ink



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San Diego
Painting and Drawing, Acrylic and Ink
Artists Statement
Creating art begins with choices. Sometimes it is difficult to perceive those choices. Sometimes they require planning and at other times they are spontaneous. Learning how to "let go" is part of the process of painting. How well I can become engrossed in the act of painting and bring together valued qualities in the expression is part of what inspires me. I strive to get to that place where the motions involved in making art feel natural and free. It is a feeling of being at peace with yourself, your tools, your surroundings and the ideas that are present before you.
My art career results from my drive to express myself creatively as well as from my studies at San Francisco State University (where I received my BA in Art), l'Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Italy, and Pratt Institute (where I earned my MFA in Painting and Drawing). Recently I have been working as an image analyst in the Bay Area and extending my portfolio to include Plein Air Painting. I am interested in abstraction, plein air painting (landscape impressions), The Great American Painting, and graphic design.

I have exhibited art across California (including the Bay Area, the Central Coast, Los Angeles, Imperial Valley, and San Diego) as well as in Florence, Italy, and New York City. I was pleased to be included in the Studio Door's "50 to Watch" in San Diego in both 2015 and 2016.

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