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School got out on June 15, 2017 at 12:30 and I was on the road by 2 pm. I finished my junior year at Berkeley High School and I wasn't going to waste a moment of my summer vacation. I had gas in the car, maps and 9 days to go anywhere I wanted to. I headed south towards New Mexico but had a huge desire to see the cars at The Beverly Hills Car Club. So,after a night at the historic Prado Hotel in Bakersfield I headed to The Beverly Hills hotel for breakfast and then to the car club. It was worth the drive and stop.

Because I am a member of the SDMAG I have had so many great opportunities to meet and photograph wonderful people. Starting young has its advantages. Lots of people like when kids are willing to try new things and want to mentor them because they are making an effort. I remember my first photography show when I was 10. It was at a small restaurant in Berkeley on San Pablo Street. I think the whole place seats 12 people. I sent out invites and got dressed up and made tags with prices on each of my flower prints. I sold my first flower shot to a CPA, Pan Haskins.

I attended the  share holders meeting at the Google headquarters today and Eric Schmidt, the CEO ( and 11th richest man in the world)  was having breakfast the same time we were. He wears pink socks and is a nice guy. The campus is colorful and there are lots of prime colored bikes parked everywhere. I did not see a lot of art. I could take some cool pictures for them to hang. There are so many shots that could be taken.  The landscaping is all natural.

This is a special project that I was invited and chosen to be involved in.

The 2017 Breeders Cup horse races will be taking place in De Mar Ca. this year, and as a promotional they have made

special life-size fiberglass horses for artists to paint on. My artist drawings were accepted and Solona Beach Chamber of Commerce selected to sponsor my horse... "California Harmony".  

Painting in acrylic paints, this project took about 2 months to complete. The horse will be on display in Solona Beach from

A professional lending company invited me to speak on April 30, 2017 in front of a room of over 100 interested people who want to build small homes in their back yards. They wanted me to talk about my experience growing up with one in my back yard. I am 17 and I was the youngest person on the panel. People tell me that there are a lot of people who are afraid of public speaking. I have felt comfortable being in front of people since my first photography show when I was 10. I have learned over the years that being prepared and dressing up makes the biggest difference.

I was honored to be invited to the program at George Mason University this summer.  The program is a week long conference called the Washington Journalism and Media Conference. High School Junior and Seniors from all over the country who have a good GPA and photojournalism experience were invited. I don't know who nominated me but I would like to thank them. This is a very challenging time for journalist who are being accused of reporting fake news  by the new administration. I am looking forward to being in Washington DC during this time in our history.

I had the honor to photograph the  meeting and MLK awards breakfast this morning in my city of Berkeley. Berkeley was the birthplace of MLK Day. I was shooting as part of the staff of the Berkeley Times. I took pictures honoring my friends and mentors, Senator Loni Hancock and Mayor Tom Bates. They received life time achievement awards. I also had the privilege to photograph newly elected and another friend, Senator Nancy Skinner. I have been very fortunate to grow up in a city that encourages all ages to become active in our community.

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At Poway Center for the Performing Arts, Poway, California
February 1- February 28, 2016
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Last year I took a photograph of the San Francisco Fire Chief White. There is a gathering every year in April on Market street at 4 am to commemorate the great earthquake of 1908 and the survivors. I submitted this photograph to the sdmaag centennial show and it was chosen to be a part of it.