Carbon Scare

Carbon Scare

Artwork Description

This piece was created during a time that I was possibly facing breast cancer.  It was a way to explore my feelings.  

"Carbon Scare" is a photographic collage that was created using the iPhone camera and then various apps on the iPad.  It was then downloaded to the computer  and printed on fine art metal.  The image shimmers with light because of the substrate.  

Mobile art is a new art form that has arrived.  It has a false simplicity.  In fact the process is quite sophisticated which has been informed by centuries of artistic expression.  The creative freedom of mobile art allows artists of all disciplines to create when the moment hits their soul - anywhere.  I choose to use multiple photographs that are then collaged.  

Artwork Media : Photographic Collage
Artwork Width : 16.00in.
Artwork Length : 20.00in.

Artist: Christine Finkelson