Investing in my future and other kids futures- Andrei Crandall ( a letter to Eric Schmidt- Exec Dir of Alphabet (Google)

Because I am a member of the SDMAG I have had so many great opportunities to meet and photograph wonderful people. Starting young has its advantages. Lots of people like when kids are willing to try new things and want to mentor them because they are making an effort. I remember my first photography show when I was 10. It was at a small restaurant in Berkeley on San Pablo Street. I think the whole place seats 12 people. I sent out invites and got dressed up and made tags with prices on each of my flower prints. I sold my first flower shot to a CPA, Pan Haskins. From that first show I learned to shake people's hands, answer questions on the fly, be okay when someone didn't like or buy my photographs and look forward to the next show. Now fast track, 7 years later and I feel comfortable going to a microphone at the Google shareholders meeting and asking a question about a challenge with software that blocks ads that was discussed in their annual statement. I have made many Artiist Guild annual meetings ( sadly I will miss today's because I have finals to study for) and they too have given me confidence to keep working on my photography and ask for help. When I'm sitting at the annual meeting and  many of my shots scroll across the big screen I am glad I started young and learned to show my work. It gives me a sense of pride I can't explain. I am not afraid of rejection or afraid to stand in front of a group and speak any more like I was when I was 10 years old. And I am not afraid to ask for what I want or need. After attending the Google(Alphabet) annual stock holders meeting I wrote to Dr. Schmidt and asked him to work with me to create a program to start a stock portfolio with every 6th grader in the Berkeley Unified School District with one share of Google stock. I started investing from the sale of my photographs in sixth grade so I know personally it can pay off. Often just knowing how and where to start is the most challenging part of anything. I know what it has meant to me to start taking photographs at a young age but more importantly to show them. I know that was an investment in myself. I know investing in myself has paid off. It's also a practice I have applied to my investing the money from the sale of my photographs. My investing in a Schwab account has paid off.  So after the meeting at Google I thought it might be cool to pass that onto a lot of kids. If Dr. Schmidt ( a CAL GRAD) says yes he might help over 1000 kids achieve their financial dream by just helping them get started.I know a lot of adults at the SDMAG have helped me. And I will always be thankful they encouraged me over the years. One person in particular has been Tamara Krupchak. Thank you Tammy! I hope to pass on a lot of what I have learned by taking photographs, showing them, investing the proceeds in myself and giving some of the proceeds away or helping to raise money for a charitable cause. I am fortunate and I know it. Thank you SDMAG for all your support. I hope it's a great annual meeting today. Sorry I'm missing it.


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Andrei Crandall