Andrei Crandall speaks on panel for (ADU's) small yard cottages

A professional lending company invited me to speak on April 30, 2017 in front of a room of over 100 interested people who want to build small homes in their back yards. They wanted me to talk about my experience growing up with one in my back yard. I am 17 and I was the youngest person on the panel. People tell me that there are a lot of people who are afraid of public speaking. I have felt comfortable being in front of people since my first photography show when I was 10. I have learned over the years that being prepared and dressing up makes the biggest difference. And having something interesting to say helps too! I also think that being a part of this artist guild since I was 12 has given me confidence to be with adults who are professionals and feel like I had something to offer. I was happy to let people know that growing up with people in our back yard cottage  has only added to my life.  I have made  life long friends because they lived with us. I have visited former tenants when they moved away to Mexico and South Carolina and Houston and Los Angeles. I have stayed in a former tenants apartment in China. I am driving across country this summer and I have a former tenant to stay with in almost every state. It was a good panel discussion. The other speakers were builders and architects and software designers. They wanted me to help people not be afraid of living with other people. I hope I helped. I know we have a housing crisis so building small back yard homes is a quick and easy way to help with the crisis. 

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Andrei Crandall