Andrei Crandall has breakfast with Google CEO, Eric Schmidt at shareholders meeting 6/6/17

I attended the  share holders meeting at the Google headquarters today and Eric Schmidt, the CEO ( and 11th richest man in the world)  was having breakfast the same time we were. He wears pink socks and is a nice guy. The campus is colorful and there are lots of prime colored bikes parked everywhere. I did not see a lot of art. I could take some cool pictures for them to hang. There are so many shots that could be taken.  The landscaping is all natural. The buildings have lots of glass.  There are lots of perks for the employees like gyms and volleyball courts and cafeterias and pools and gyms.  This was a cool experience.

Next week I head out  to begin my cross country trip as soon as the last bell rings at school on Thursday.  I plan to document America in the Time of Trump.

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