Artist Profile - Doria Anne Goocher

Roots #1, “Grounded,”
Since 1995, Doria Anne Goocher has turned from painting and designing clothing to designing Art Quilts. Not the quilt type that your grandmother may have made for bedcovers, (although, Art Quilts do have three layers joined together) but Fiber Art, made to hang in homes and offices as fine art.

With a BA in Applied Art (the applied arts are ceramics, wood, wire, photography and fiber), Doria is focused with the fiber art medium of designing Art Quilts.Roots #2, “Reaching,”

Similar to Studio Art, techniques such as painting, drawing, and photo transfer are used when Doria designs an Art Quilt. Canvas is a cloth for painting and Art Quilts are designs on fiber as well.

Much like Photography, it has taken considerable time for the world to accept Art Quilts as fine art. They gained global notice as fiber art in 1971 when the Whitney Museum in New York ran the exhibit “Abstract Design in American Quilts.” Eighteen years later, SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) was formed and continues to be the leading international force promoting the quilt as fine art and educating the world about the Art Quilt as a viable form of fine art expression. Today there are museums and galleries devoted to Art Quilts and fiber art as a fine art medium.  “I find that Art Quilts provide a rich medium for sophisticated communication of conceptual ideas,” Doria states.Roots #3,”Yearning”,

“After exploring with many techniques, I have developed a technique for designing my Art quilts: bias line design.  “Roots” is the theme for my latest series of art quilts. Roots #1, “Grounded,” is an abstract design of a tree’s roots.  Roots #2, “Reaching,” is another tree inspired work and  Roots #3, "Yearning", is an anthropomorphic expression of two trees.

“I once read that, as artists, we need to look at our body of work and detect what we see frequently in our art either as a technique, an art stroke, theme or subject matter. That way, we discover our voice. Looking back at my work, I see I have used bias as a design method when creating clothing and other art and now I am using this when designing my Art Quilts.”